1. Karen, wonderful post! I was excited to see that this was a most meaningful year for you. I have not heard very many people say that! I love the Kahoot games you created for you students, and the way you worked so hard to bring just the right books. I’m sure your presence was a light for many of the students. Books can be such a welcome getaway. Beautiful, uplifting post!

    • howellzoom

      Hi Denise,
      Thanks for the kind words. I always struggle with putting my voice out there in blog format so your words gave me sigh of relief that I didn’t overshare. 🙂
      Also, I have to admit that the year was meaningful upon reflection — during the happenings it all was going so fast and furious. Perhaps I am using rose colored glasses? But I think what is really happening is the importance of relationship really hit home for me in a meaningful way as I was living it day-to-day. Those life lessons are the richest, right?
      Karen 🙂

  2. pen63

    Hi Karen,
    In the midst of a bonafide disaster, you sound like you created facets of your program which are now embedded expectations of your customers – Yes! Thank you for helping us all look for those silver linings!

    • howellzoom

      Thanks for the reply.

      Your comment on those “embedded expectations” of customers got me thinking I should actually prepare for these expectations as I have quite a few hats in my small district and can’t do everything well. Hoping to spend some time this summer considering which hats I like the most and learn to say “no” to some attire (like IT sidekick & tech integrationist). After all, rocking the library media specialists is what I have been trained for and I do want to keep that reading culture and rich/diverse book collection at the heart of what I do.
      Karen 🙂

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